Building an autonomous vehicle from the ground-up is no small feat. From the software stack to hardware design to merging both together in a tight integration, autonomous mobility is one of the greatest technical challenges of our era. On Tuesday, July 19, we hosted our first-ever deep dive into the technology and talent powering our purpose-built robotaxi at our manufacturing facility in Fremont, CA. Leaders from across our industrial design, safety, hardware, and software teams shared insights into our journey towards commercialization. And for the first time in history, reporters were given an autonomous ride in a purpose-built, fully operational robotaxi.  

Our Director of Studio Engineering, Chris Stoffel, sharing insights into the unique industrial design of our robotaxi.

Marc Wimmershoff, Senior Director, Planning & Control and Autonomy Software Integration, unpacking the software we’ve developed to move Zoox vehicles from A to B.

Safety is foundational to Zoox. Mark Rosekind, Chief Safety Innovation Officer, Andy Piper, VP of Vehicle Development, and Qi Hommes, Senior Director, System Design and Mission Assurance, shared insights into the unique safety innovations built into our robotaxi.

Reporters were given a peek into how we’re scaling our production capabilities for both our L3 and robotaxi fleets at our manufacturing facility.

It was incredible to give reporters their first ever ride in a purpose-built, fully operational robotaxi. Thank you to all who attended!