Zoox Headquarters

Foster City, CA

The Zoox headquarters are a collective of buildings in the Foster City area. The buildings offer a variety of spaces to work autonomously, collaborate, recharge, and reflect. A shuttle service is offered to support crew inter-building mobility.

L3 Fleet Operations

San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Seattle

Zoox is continuously testing and validating its technology using the L3 fleet in a variety of climates, across multiple cities.

Bryant Street, SF

Bryant Street is the base for the majority of our fleet of Toyota Highlanders and the crew responsible for L3 testing.

60 Broadway, SF

60 Broadway (or 60B as it’s affectionately known) is a quaint office space nestled down by the Bay on Embarcadero.

Las Vegas, NV

We deployed our L3 fleet in Las Vegas in October 2019. Our base there supports the crew involved in fleet management and testing. 

Seattle, WA

In October, 2021 we deployed our L3 fleet in Seattle. We’re planning on opening an office in the Seattle area in 2022… stay tuned!

Kato Manufacturing Facility

Fremont, CA

Always a hive of activity, the Kato facility is focused around the manufacturing lines for both our L3 and L5 fleets.

Altamont Test Track

Northern CA

Our private test track is the perfect location to test and validate our vehicles’ hardware and software before advancing to private and public roads.


San Carlos, CA

The Commercial facility is a busy hub for advanced hardware manufacturing operations; building Zoox designed electronic control units (ECUs) and sensors required for autonomy. Parts destined for the vehicle are received, validated, and released.

UK Office

Oxfordshire, UK

Zoox partners with various suppliers throughout the UK and Europe. Our office in Oxfordshire provides a base for members of our various vehicle engineering teams.

Boston Office

Boston, MA

We will be opening a new R&D site in Boston to kickstart our presence on the East Coast as we continue to scale. Watch this space…