A warm hello from Zoox

Collaboration, transparency, and transformation

We want to change the way people get around for the better. That means making transportation safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable than it’s ever been before. Our fully autonomous, all-electric, and purpose-built vehicles are designed from the ground up with this in mind.

But creating a new type of transportation takes time—and a lot of testing. And while we get there, we want to be the best neighbors we can be. 

When we come to a new city, our philosophy is “no surprises.” We’re transparent and open about what we’re doing from day one, working with local businesses, authorities, and community members to make sure we’re making a positive impact. You know your city better than we do, and the more we can learn from you, the better. Understanding the nuances means we can build a service that genuinely fills gaps and creates solutions for your city.

Our testing fleet consists of hybrid Toyota Highlanders retrofitted with the full Zoox sensor architecture. They autonomously navigate the streets with a safety driver, kicking off our live testing in each city.

Where to find Zoox

  • A Zoox test vehicle drives along the Bay Bridge

    San Francisco Bay Area

    Like most people, we love our hometown. SF and communities along the 101 are ideal places to test our vehicles in all kinds of conditions, which we’ve been doing since 2017. With hills, streetcars, rolling fog, and highway traffic, there’s something to learn around every corner—and some incredible views along the way.

  • Las Vegas

    A neon-lit jewel in the desert with high-speed multi-lane traffic. Add a steady stream of journeys to and from the airport, and we have the perfect test for our vehicles. Transport up and down the Strip will soon be a breeze. Learn more about Zoox in Las Vegas.

  • Seattle

    Surrounded by mountains, water, and lush forests, the Emerald City offers conditions very different from our other testing cities. Whether it be inclement weather, one-way systems, or narrow tunnels, new challenges help prepare our vehicles for safe driving in a wide range of situations. Bring on the rain. Learn more about Zoox in Seattle.

  • Austin

    It’s a sun-drenched capital city for live music, tech, BBQ — and, of course, the state of Texas. With formidable freeways and roads as quirky as the local culture, Austin is a terrific testing ground for our ability to navigate a diverse urban environment. Learn more about Zoox in Austin.

  • Miami

    Hot summer nights and cool clubs. Salsa and sandy beaches. High art and high fashion. Miami’s fun-loving residents and resort-goers hop from spot to spot, often relying on ride-hailing services to get around. Our first testing city on the East Coast is perfectly positioned to benefit from a better mobility option. Learn more about Zoox in Miami. 

What we’ll bring to your community

  • A Zoox safety icon

    Safer Roadways

    We actively support Vision Zero—a strategy rolling out across the U.S. to eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all. We know that the key to making city streets safer requires engineering, education, enforcement, and equity. Where appropriate, we support safety tools, including safer (slower) speeds, improving intersections, creating dedicated bike facilities, daylighting intersections, prohibiting right turns on red lights in high pedestrian areas, and calming traffic.

  • A Zoox sustainable icon

    A sustainable model

    As each Zoox robotaxi is all-electric, it produces less emissions than gas-powered vehicles. But by starting from the ground up, we wanted to go further. We wanted to create a service that would completely change the mobility landscape. Our purpose-built robotaxi is also made for sharing, meaning fewer individual, gas-powered cars on the road, less congestion, and – most importantly for our environment – less pollution.

  • A Zoox experience icon

    An enjoyable transportation experience

    You don’t have to do anything to experience a wonderful trip in a Zoox. We’ve crafted an environment that provides comfort as the default. Zoox is built for riders—so sit back and enjoy your journey. Forget about the stress of finding your way, traffic jams, and looking for parking. Check out our Journal to learn more about what it’s like to ride in a Zoox.

The roadmap to fully autonomous vehicles

We are working together with local authorities, businesses, and community members at every step. Our approach to a new city is more than just getting from point A to B. 

  • A Zoox evaluation icon

    1. Evaluate

    Zoox first explores how we might serve a new community and what is best for our potential customers. This includes studying geography, engaging with local stakeholders, speaking with the community, and understanding market dynamics.

  • A Zoox map icon

    2. Map

    We analyze the information collected to establish potential test routes and create detailed maps that include speed limits, traffic control devices, and local rules.

  • A Zoox test vehicle icon

    3. Test and validate routes with Toyota Highlanders

    The data we gather testing and validating with our test fleet will be directly applicable to our entire robotaxi fleet.

  • A Zoox route icon

    4. Test and validate routes and operations with our novel vehicle

    When our robotaxi vehicles are eventually deployed within a city, they’ll have a full working knowledge of their environment from day one.

  • A Zoox partnership icon

    5. Explore partnerships

    We’ll continue to work in collaboration with cities and transit providers on potential partnerships before and after the launch of our service.

  • A Zoox scaling icon

    6. Start small and Scale

    Zoox commercial service will typically start in just a portion of the city within a small area or during limited times. We anticipate expanding our operational areas and times to include more parts of the city and region.

Frequently Asked Questions

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