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More than 100 safety innovations

Safety first. For you and everyone else.

Every part of Zoox is designed to keep you safe–whether you’re riding with us or not. In fact, our vehicle includes more than 100 safety innovations that don’t exist in conventional cars. 

Plus, our robotaxi is engineered so that if one part fails, the rest of the system can still work safely. Inspired by the aviation industry, we’re bringing this approach to our automotive design.

Protecting riders–equally

We believe all riders deserve the same amount of protection, regardless of where they’re sitting.

That’s why we’ve created an airbag system that deployed from all sides–separating and protecting riders from every angle. 

We’ve even innovated the seatbelts. No ride can begin until our safety system of sensors, switches, and cameras has made sure that everyone is using their seatbelt the right way.

Zoox employees exploring Zoox test vehicle

At Zoox, safety and innovation go hand in hand

40,000 people die on U.S. roads every year. That number has barely dropped in decades, despite the hundreds of safety features in every new car. 

That’s why we built Zoox from the ground up, instead of just adapting an existing vehicle. So we could put safety at the heart of every decision we make, and every journey we take.

Tested. Tested. And tested again. 

We built our robotaxi to make road transportation dramatically safer than it is today. Our goal isn’t just to meet existing safety standards–we want to exceed them.